YATTA LIFE Waterproof Socks

Size: M (6.5-9US M / 8-10.5US W)
Sale price$63.00 CAD

Amazing Waterproof Socks Keep Your Feet Dry in ANY Weather!

There’s nothing worse than hiking, running, or even just walking when your feet are soaked to the bone.  Your socks become a soggy mess that you can wring out like a wet towel.  What’s worse is the damage wet socks can do to your feet. More than just being uncomfortable, wet socks can become abrasive.  They rub against your foot, causing friction and scraping. Soon enough, the scraping can lead to painful blisters.  Socks can also crease during wear, causing even more irritation and friction.

Yatta Life Has the Solution

Now, you don’t have to let rain or puddles, slush or snow, keep you from staying dry.  With our Yatta Life waterproof socks, your feet will start out dry – and stay dry – guaranteed!  And no worries, you won’t be wearing plastic bags or rubber socks!

Yatta’s Yatta Life waterproof socks look and feel like regular socks. Your feet won’t know the difference, except that they’ll always be dry!

And, they’re not just waterproof, they’re also breathable. That means that moisture from the inside is ‘wicked’ out to keep your feet comfortable and dry - always.

Socks Meet Science

Here’s why our Yatta Life waterproof socks are light years ahead of regular socks:

It’s our unique 3-layer technology that makes all of the difference -

With regular socks, you know that getting them wet means your feet are in for a rough time.

The more you run, hike, or work with wet socks – the greater the chance that your feet become water-logged and irritated.

That’s why these waterproof socks are a great fit for your feet.

So next time you’re out in wet weather and there’s a puddle of water, slush, or snow - Step in it, not around it – we’ve got your feet covered!

It’s a no-brainer - Your feet will thank you for it.

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