Welcome to The Trail Runner Store®

Founded in Toronto, Canada, in 2018 by business and life partners, James and Roxanna, The Trail Runner Store® is the culmination of passion, perseverance, and the desire to provide the trail running community with unparalleled gear.

Our journey into the world of ultramarathons and trail running began unexpectedly in 2016, when we supported our friend and co-founder of T8, Mark, at the UTMB event in Chamonix, France. This adventure, spanning three countries and numerous mountain trails, ignited a profound love for trail running for James, who soon embarked on an ambitious journey to compete in the Bandera 100km in Texas—with only four months of preparation after having never competed in a race longer than 21km.

James’s dedication led him to complete the 2017 Bandera 100K in 13 hours and 19 minutes, earning a place in the lottery for the prestigious Western States Endurance Run—the oldest 100-mile race in the world. Against the odds, James secured a spot in the 2018 race. Despite a freak and severe incident at mile 70 that resulted in a life-threatening injury and a lengthy hospital stay, James's resilience shone through. In 2022, he made a return to complete the Western States Endurance Run, thanks to a Special Consideration entry.

Motivated by this journey and a shared entrepreneurial spirit, we established The Trail Runner Store. Our mission is to empower our customers by offering a meticulously curated selection of high-quality, lightweight, and durable trail running products—all from a single, convenient source. Our experiences have taught us the importance of reliable gear, and we are committed to helping our customers find the very best.

As we continue to grow, our product range expands, welcoming new brands and innovations to our store. We invite you to visit us regularly to explore the latest additions to our collection.

Thank you for choosing The Trail Runner Store. We look forward to being a part of your trail running adventures.

Learn about our Commitment to our customers, the community and our planet

    P.S. We also advocate for bicycle safety.  Get your "i share the road" stickers from our campaign at www.isharetheroad.com and spread the awareness to your corner of the world!  We would love to see the awareness (and our stickers) shared around the globe!


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