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Walk, Run & Jog While Maintaining Traction On Ice & Snow With Yatta Life Urban City Running Spikes!

Whether you’re going for a walk outside or jogging on the track, Yatta Life spikes for running shoes have you covered. They are low profile and designed to help enhance traction so you can walk, run, and play even when it’s snowy.

Our ice spikes for shoes are suitable for any outdoor activity you have in mind for the winters. They are easy to use, comfortable to wear, and allow you to walk naturally making them the ideal choice for anyone that wants to enjoy their time outdoors.

Durable, Functional & Versatile – Made For Daily Use

When it comes to the durability of our ice cleats, we make no exceptions. Our ice cleats for winter boots are made using sturdy steel that can stand up to daily use while being lightweight so you can run and walk around town with ease.

The ice spikes for shoes feature an elastomer harness that allows them to provide the perfect fit for most shoes and boots. They are easy to put on and take off which coupled with their lightweight makes them ideal for wearing even on the go.

Features You’ll Love:
- Perfect for traveling, jogging, running, hiking, sports, and more
- Suitable for use on most icy and slippery surfaces
- Comes with a compact case for easy carrying and storage
- Designed with spikes to offer more traction and stability
- Can be used with a wide variety of footwear for both women and men

Enjoy Your Time In The Outdoors Without Worrying About Accidental Slips With Yatta Life Ice Spike Cleats!

  • Maintain A Firm Grip: Our traction cleats with spikes are designed to fit over your shoes to keep your feet firmly planted to the ground to reduce the risk of slipping so you can safely walk over snow or ice whether walking around town or going to the office
  • Enjoy Your Time Outdoor: The ice grips for shoes use a low profile design which coupled with the lightweight makes sure you can wear them comfortably when walking, hiking, running, jogging, and more making them ideal for everyday wear
  • Durable And Sturdy Build: These spike grippers for boots are made using durable yet light steel to make sure they can stand up to daily use without wearing out. They are suitable for a wide variety of terrain, resistant to rusting, and made for long term use
  • Easy To Carry And Store: Thanks to the lightweight and sturdy build of the ice spikes for shoes they can easily be carried with you in the included compact carrying case making them the perfect travel companion for all your outdoor trips and travels in the winter
  • Get The Perfect Fit: Our ice grippers are designed with an elastomer harness that allows them to provide just the right fit for your shoes or boots. They are easy to coordinate with the rest of your winter running gear and suitable for both women and men

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