WAA Protektor Skin® Bib Cycling Shorts - Men’s

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WAA is a European brand known for its very slim fit, which differs from North American sizing standards. We strongly recommend consulting the provided WAA sizing guide. As a general rule, choose at least one size up from what the guide suggests. If you are at the upper end of a size range, consider going up two sizes.

The Trail Runner Store does not assume responsibility if the sizing is still not a perfect fit for you.

The innovative WAA Protektor Skin® bib shorts are the only shorts that provide double protection against falls.

To ensure your safety, what you're wearing is as important as your helmet. WAA has developed a protective combination of H2PE® fiber – a revolutionary fiber that reduces burn risk up to 40% - and H2PA® foam, which absorbs and distributes the initial shock from falls up to 23%.

Our shorts are ultra-efficient, comfortable, and perfectly adapted to cycling on the road, whether you're out for leisure or for ultra-endurance competitions!

FIBER H2PE * (* High Performance Polyethylene)

Reduces risk of burn by 40%.


H2PE® fiber is used to manufacture bullet-proof vests:

- Unique protection against abrasion: 1.3 x stronger than Kevlar®

- Unmatched lightness: 1.9 x more than Cordura®

- Perfect breathability, unlike some protective fibers

- Composition: 66% Polyethylene high density, 34% Elasthan

FOAM H2PA * (High Performance Pad Absorption)

Reduces impact by 23%


Outstanding flexibility for total freedom of movement

Thermal Plastic Elastomer 100%

A micro-perforated structure that allows perfect ventilation

Density: 0.19-0.23 g/cubic centimeter

Maximum comfort protection - Thickness: 2mm

HP3D * (High Performance Triple Density) CHAMOIS SKIN - made in Italy

Form-fitting memory gel

Triple density polyurethane for optimal comfort

Breathable and antibacterial

Tested under extreme conditions and endurance events (BikingMan, 700km/13000 D+)





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