WAA Combo Tight 3/4 Pants - Men's

Size: S
Sale price$120.00 CAD

WAA is a European brand known for its very slim fit, which differs from North American sizing standards. We strongly recommend consulting the provided WAA sizing guide. As a general rule, choose at least one size up from what the guide suggests. If you are at the upper end of a size range, consider going up two sizes.

The Trail Runner Store does not assume responsibility if the sizing is still not a perfect fit for you.

The Combo Tight 3/4 is a combination of running tights ending just below the knee and are combined with compression Calf Sleeves. Providing ideal thermal protection when temperatures get cold, this is the solution for not having to choose between long tights and sleeves.

Stadytape® strips provide targeted muscle support for the quads and long twins so you can focus on having fun and your performance.

The Combo Tight ¾ is equipped with 2 side pockets (1 per side) to carry small objects without feeling anything. (phone, keys, energy bars, etc)

Calf Sleeves protect your skin when you decide to run off-road: creeks, forests, rocky terrain ... Do not limit yourself! You won’t want to take them off because you can use them year round, whatever the conditions by combining them with the Ultra Short 3in1.


3 possibilities:

  • The combination of tights and calf sleeves: when temperatures drop it is the perfect combo between thermal protection and muscular support.
  • The 3/4 tights alone: ​​ideal when the weather is changing, they guarantee an optimal muscular support until the last effort.
  • Calf Sleeves alone: ​​whatever the season, they protect you and guarantee better muscle performance (ideal with the Ultra Short 3in1)

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