SQUIRREL'S NUT BUTTER Vegan Born to Rub Pain Relief Salve

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We took our vegan blend and laced it with chiltepin peppers, cayenne peppers and arnica flowers. Why? This spicy salve warms up muscles and joints before exercise and relieves aches and pains after exercise. Our chiltepin peppers are hand-picked from the bottom of the Copper Canyons in collaboration with Mas Korima. For pre-exercise warmth and post-exercise relief, rub in Born to Rub.


  • Activates muscles before activity
  • Quells muscle soreness 
  • Subdues joint aches
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation

Caution This product may stain some fabrics. 

Note Heat builds gradually and intensity varies by person and application area. 

Application Massage product thoroughly into problem area for 1-2 minutes.

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