NAAK Ultra Energy Drink Mix - Lime

Size: 720g
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Näak Ultra Energy™ Drink Mix provides 250 calories per 500ml of water. It is the first drink mix that provides complete protein (EAAs) and BCAAs at optimal levels during exercise.

Näak Ultra Energy™ drink mix revolutionizes sports nutrition by combining the benefits of liquid and solid nutrition. It is the equivalent of a Näak Ultra Energy™ bar in liquid form combined with the benefits of a hydration sport mix.

Developed with our pro athletes, it is the first drink mix that provides complete proteins (EAAs) and BCAAs at optimized levels for long-term efforts, preventing the degradation of muscle fibers during a long and intense physical activity.

Whether you run or bike an ultra distance, it's bringing you a complete nutrition that's simple and fast-acting in one easy-to-ingest liquid product. Its light taste, less sweet than other drink mixes, will delight your taste buds without offending your stomach.

Craving something fruity? Look no further, our Berries & Nuts bars are the perfect fix. This delicious energy bar provides the nutrition you need to keep going for a long period of time, during your favourite activity or as a protein-packed snack.

Näak Ultra Energy bar was inspired by athletes and adventurers to give you a long lasting energy. Powered by 7g of high-quality & sustainable proteins, non-GMO ingredients and a great taste, it is the perfect on-the-go snack to fuel your next adventure.


55g CARBOHYDRATES: A mix of simple and complex natural carbohydrates to avoid sugar crash and sustain long lasting energy
650mg ELECTROLYTES: A blend of potassium, sodium, and calcium to replenish minerals lost in sweat and prevent cramping
1130mg BCAAs: A 2:1:1 ratio (leucine: 600mg, isoleucine: 330mg, valine: 370mg) to maintain better muscle resistance
8g COMPLETE PROTEIN: With all the essential amino acids you need to push back muscular fatigue


Need liquid energy to fuel your ultra distance? Näak Ultra Energy™ Drink Mix provides you with 250 calories with all the nutrients you need to go longer, farther: electrolytes, carbohydrates, complete proteins (EAAs), BCAAs.


Our natural watermelon flavor keeps you hydrated and replenishes electrolytes and carbohydrates lost in sweat and avoids cramping. Its light, refreshing taste will please your taste buds. It is less sweet than other drink mixes to avoid sugar fatigue over long endurance activities.


Näak Ultra Energy™ Drink Mix was developed with pro athletes to help prevent gastrointestinal discomfort. The perfect fuel for ultra endurance races and hard training days. Go further, without any gut trouble.


Vegan, plant-based, non-GMO, gluten free. Our drink mix provides you with high-quality and sustainable proteins to boost performance while minimizing your impact on the environment.


List of ingredients:

Ingredients: Sugars (dextrose, maltodextrin), hydrolyzed oat flour(gluten-free), pea protein isolate, soy protein isolate, natural watermelon flavor, sea salt, magnesium citrate, citric acid, potassium citrate.

Contains: Soy. May contain: Milk, eggs

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