NAAK Cricket Protein

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Näak Cricket Powder is a cricket-based protein powder designed to help you come back stronger after each adventure. Our product will help you to maximize muscle recovery, build a healthier and happier gut, and reduce fatigue. This is because we choose to use high quality, sustainable, non-GMO cricket protein; the perfect compliment to your exercise program!

With 8g of complete protein, 4g of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and high Vitamin B12, Calcium, Potassium and Iron in each serving, our product leaves you feeling stronger, replenished and energized after your workout.


8g PROTEIN: To build & repair muscle post-workout for a stronger you tomorrow
4g BCAAs: To decrease muscle fatigue and soreness
B12 VITAMIN: To aid energy replenishment and repair of damaged cells and body tissues
185mg ELECTROLYTES: To rejuvenate your sodium and potassium stores lost in sweat and aid in rehydration


Consume within 30 minutes after your physical activity for maximum muscle recovery. With Näak Cricket Powder, you get all the 9 essential amino acids your body cannot produce. These amino acids, including branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), complete the building blocks your body needs to rebuild stronger muscles and prevent muscle hypertrophy.


A healthy gut is a diverse gut. Näak Cricket Powder contains chitin, a prebiotic fiber, that promotes diverse gut microbiota for more energy stores and a stronger immune system. Not only that, chitin has anti-inflammatory properties to limit gastro-intestinal discomfort. 


Replenishing your energy stores is just as important as rebuilding your muscles. Näak Cricket Powder contains both high Vitamin B12 and Iron, which are important for red blood cell and hemoglobin formation.This means your body cells can receive more oxygen and can properly break down nutrients for energy. 


Näak Cricket Powder is proud to promote high quality nutrition and sustainability. Because we use cricket protein, our product requires less water and soil while producing less greenhouse gasses than other protein powders. By choosing Näak Cricket Powder, you can recover quicker, perform better and preserve your playground.


List of ingredients:

Crickets, may contain traces of soya, egg and milk.

Allergens: Soy

People allergic to crustaceans may be allergic to crickets.

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