HUMA Chia Energy Gel Plus - Blackberry-Banana (4pk)

Size: 4-pack
Sale price$15.00 CAD

Huma Energy Gels


Savor the taste with flavor that comes from real fruit puree

100% All-Natural

Be healthy with our Real Food ingredients combined with finely-blended Chia seeds

The PLUS is Electrolytes

Huma PLUS gives you an extra shot of the 4 main minerals lost in sweat.

Easy to Swallow

Consume Huma Gel smoothly and easily with our high water content/real food formula

No Stomach Issues

Enjoy your gel without worrying about nausea or finding the nearest bathroom

Long-Lasting Performance

2:1 Glucose (short and long chains) to Fructose ratio combined with all 9 essential amino acids give you maximum boost

Why use Chia? Well among many great aspects of chia, its fibers ensure a steady energy release and NO flash-crashes.

Gluten & Dairy Free, Vegan Friendly

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