BIG AGNES Boundary Deluxe Insulated Sleeping Pad

Size: Regular (20 x 72")
Sale price$239.00 CAD

Insulated, luxurious, compact, 3-season air chamber sleeping pad

Sleep outside in luxury, without the extra weight or bulk on a Boundary Deluxe Insulated. Featuring an ultra-comfortable and super-quiet quilted two-way stretch top that provides a cushioned, pillow-soft sleeping surface for maximum sleep-ins. Keep your tent mates happy with fabric that makes minimum noise when changing position or getting up in the night. Perfect for when you're not willing to compromise, the Boundary Deluxe Insulated is made for both speed and comfort!


  • R-Value: 4.3, comfort in all 3-season conditions
  • 3.5” thick pad with 4.25” larger outer chambers keep you comfortably cradled in the middle of the pad
  • Quilted top and a lightweight stretchy nylon-spandex fabric provides a soft-touch, cushioned pillowy sleeping surface
  • Durable recycled nylon ripstop bottom to ensure reliabilty, even on rough ground
  • Proprietary offset I-Beam construction reduces weight and provides consistent stability and comfort
  • PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation working with a heat reflective barrier traps body heat and reflects it back, so you stay comfortable as the temperatures drop
  • Aviation-grade TPU lamination provides ultimate weld strength and dependability
  • Quieter materials than other pads on the market, to keep your tent mates sleeping soundly
  • High-volume dual valve allows for efficient and easy inflation, super-fast deflation, and micro adjustments
  • Antimicrobial treatment inside the pad prevents microorganism growth
  • When sleeping on frozen ground or snow we recommend adding a closed cell foam pad
  • Individually inflated and tested at our factory ensuring 100% quality performance
  • Includes pad inflation sack, protective storage sack, replacement valve seal, and 3M repair patches


Size: Total Weight:
Packed Size:
20 x 72" 709g / 25oz 13 x 20cm /  5" x 8" 11cm / 4.25"
20 x 78" 765g /  27oz 14 x 20cm /  5.5" x 8" 11cm / 4.25"
25 x 72" 907g / 32oz
14 x 23cm / 5.5" x 9"
11cm / 4.25"
25 x 78" 992g / 35oz
15 x 23cm / 6" x 9"
11cm / 4.25"
30 x 78" 1.13kg / 40oz
17 x 28cm /  6.5" x 11"
11cm / 4.25"


  • Soft-touch, stretch-fabric top is lightweight nylon wrapped with spandex to provide stretch and strength
  • Recycled nylon ripstop bottom
  • TPU lamination that stretches with the fabric to give it a true stretch feeling
  • PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation
  • Layer of heat reflective film
  • TPU lamination

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