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XACT NUTRITION Kronobar - Protein - Chocolate-Avocado

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Enjoy a protein bar as a snack or for breakfast! 
Kronobar protein bars are made to the taken AFTER a workout. The 15 grams of plant-based proteins included in each bar enhance muscle recovery and allow the body to replenish on glycogen reserves more quickly. Because Kronobar bars are made from 100% all-natural vegetable proteins, they are easy to digest and are a good balance between pleasantly chewy and slightly firm.

Everybody can enjoy the delicious taste of Kronobar bars! With their rich protein intake, quality ingredients and savoury flavours, they make for a filling and flavour-packed snack or can be part of a healthy breakfast.

- 15 g of plant-based proteins 
- 100% natural source of carbohydrates
- NO added sugar
- Vegan
- Easy to digest
- Allergen-free & NO preservatives
- Easy to open packaging

Treat yourself to good health with the power of natural ingredients:

Pear juice concentrate, whole grain brown rice protein, date paste, cooked green lentil, lupin flakes, unsweetened chocolate, water, mango puree concentrate, avocado pulp, roasted sunflower seed, cocoa powder, sunflower oil, natural flavor, paprika, spices, dehydrated vegetable (onion, garlic, red bell pepper).


Up to 15 months’ shelf life at room temperature. Kronobar sports bars can be stored up to 1 year at room temperature, so there is no need to keep them in a cool place. 

The secret to their extended shelf life? 
Rosemary extract is a natural preservative with powerful anti-bacterial properties added to all Kronobar sports bars. Furthermore, each bar was designed with just the right moisture level to ensure optimal shelf life.