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WAA Ultra Gaiters

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The WAA Ultra gaiters are essential for any race in the desert, developed especially for the MARATHON DES SABLES, they are worn by 80% of the finishers.

They keep the sand out of the shoe, in any situation. The new model is reinforced at the front, offering better resistance to friction and longer life.

The fine and stretchy fabric offers the best possible combination for optimal comfort and breathability.

With their scratch closure on the top, they can open to remove the shoes quickly while keeping the gaiters.


  • Total recovery of shoes
  • Velcro strips provided: to be put by yourself or by a shoemaker
  • Reinforcements at the front
  • Scratch to remove the shoe without removing the gaiter
  • Weight gaiter: 47g
  • One size fits all (35-49)
  • Breathable
  • Expandable


  • Material: 95% Polyester - 5% Spandex
  • Reinforced front part material: 100% Nylon


The ideal is to go to a shoemaker with experience, who can both sew and glue the leggings on the shoes.

If you ever want to do it yourself, here is the information.

The installation of the leggings must be done on a clean and dry shoe.
Position the black scratch (supplied with the gaiters) on the shoe and cut the exact length, that is to say that there should not be a double thickness of the scratch because the overlap of the 2 edges prevents gluing.
Draw a line on the shoe that will guide the scratch. This trait is only a reference.

WARNING ! The line between the back and the front of the shoe should be straight and should not follow the shape of the shoe which is curved.
Possibility to position the scratch temporarily with pins.
Fix the scratch either by gluing it or by sewing it.

If the scratch is stuck: the operation is delicate and irreversible.
Use a gel glue as it is easier to use.
Apply the glue on the entire surface of the scratch and the shoe using a spatula so as not to overflow.
Position the scratch on the shoe.
Support the scratch by exerting pressure, both inside and outside the shoe so that the entire surface is well bonded. Allow the glue to dry (time indicated on the glue tube).
Check that this band does not move.

This work a little delicate but will bring comfort during your race in the desert.

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