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TRS - Reusable Cotton Face Mask

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This may be the most comfortable face mask you have worn yet! After months of testing different masks and materials, we have now found our ideal 2-layer reusable mask for maximum comfort.

These masks are "one size fits most". They may fit large on smaller heads/faces.

*Note: This is an every-day reusable mask. It is not designed specifically for running. For running masks, please see the T8 Max O2 Running Mask.

Technical Details

930 FLEX Antimicrobial uses a patented, polymer-based delivery system to transport and secure silver ions to textile goods efficiently. This novel system binds silver to avoid discoloration and early exhaustion. When incorporated into textiles and fibers during the manufacturing process, SILVADUR™ 930 FLEX can control microbial derived odor and absorb select odors to provide durable freshness protection.

Special Features and Benefits

  • Holistic odor control: functions to prevent microbe-derived odor while adsorbing select, common human odors to maintain textile freshness
  • Smart control: binds silver sufficiently to enable 50 home launderings, longerterm efficacy, and improved cost-to-treat
  • Broad spectrum activity: controls numerous odor-causing microorganisms which can accumulate in textiles and fibers from skin contact and laundering
  • Improved fabric color stability down to pH 4.5
  • Thermally stabile: tolerance up to 180°C during drying over the course of minutes
  • Applicable to natural and synthetic fibers via spray, pad, and exhaustion
  • Compatible with a broad range of woven and non-woven additives, including fluorocarbon chemicals, softeners, antiwrinkle resins, etc.
  • Maintains aesthetics of the fabric
  • Dermatologically tested; treated articles have outstanding skin tolerance

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