ORANGE MUD Handheld Soft Flask 500ml

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Color: Black
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The HH500 soft flask hand held features a 500ml soft flask that is easy to drop in and out thanks to an adjustable top closure.

  • There are two layers of pockets. The main pocket securely holds a plus sized phone with a hardware closure at the top. The pockets on top of it hold gels, electrolytes and other essentials.
  • As the flask is reduced in fluid you can easily tension the grey string to apply pressure and prevent the flask from moving. To loosen, grab the black Orange Mud woven tab and pull when you're ready to refill.
  • There is a rigid polymer that matches the shape of a standard bottle underneath your hand, this ensures the flask doesn't just collapse into a ball as you drink from it.
  • Bottom features a reflective strip for night time safety.

Made in Vietnam. Materials are Nylon and Polyester. Built tough, just like all of our products for a long life of use.

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