Endurance Tap Gel Flask 150ml

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This is the way. 

Pour up to 5 shots of Tap when you're heading out for a longer run/ride, this is the fastest way to consume your calories to keep you moving forward:

  • Paired with our 28 Shots of Classic Energy Gel, you save money (28 servings for the price of 24)
  • You’ll find this to be the simplest and fastest way to consume your Endurance Tap. 
  • Empty single-serve pouches sometimes will leak on your shorts or kit. That won’t happen with this sealable cap. 
  • Because we are the best digesting gel out there, you can consume more calories of Tap than you would normally. So, use the flask to take 1.5 or more servings at a time to keep your energy gels at their peak.
  • 100% BPA & PVC free, and dishwasher safe.
  • Doing a shorter run/ride and don’t need 5 servings? Just pour as little as 1-2 shots. Done. Or, add some water so you can have a small mix of fuel and hydration to combat any light thirst while out. 

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