Obstacle Course Franchise "Spartan" Adds Trail Racing Series

The OCR behemoth "Spartan", which has millions of participants and operates in over 40 countries around the world has now added a trail running series, beginning with twelve races in the United States.

In a press release, founder Joe De Sena explains: "The ancient Spartans were known to run on the mountainous trails of Sparta, so it’s a natural extension of our brand as we work to motivate people everywhere to step outside of their comfort zones and learn there’s no limit to what they can achieve”.

Will the entrance of a mainstream/corporate entity like Spartan hurt or help trail running? Join the discussion on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thetrailrunnerstore/posts/1924922644291070 

Here is a link to the Spartan website with more details: https://www.spartan.com/en/trail